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Leo has produced and worked on such shows as "The Saturday Morning Show," "Hot Damn...," "Mister E. Felcher," "The Weak in Revue" as well as numerous concert videos and so forth. He also has been in such bands as The Slimeballs and The Remington Outlaws. Read an interview about the show on the


Wells has performed in local bands Country Hank..., Corn Liquor, and the Well Hungovers as well as playing solo. He is also the former host of "The Weak in Revue," and of the first incarnation of this show. Wells guides the viewer through the Athens music scene and has a lively rapport with the bands.

BJ-Sound Technician

BJ has worked with sound for a long time, on both sides of the board. You may recognize him from such bands as The Campus Stranglers or Douchifer. Check out his website or "Artist of the Month" interview on AMN.


Former access employee with a broad understanding of audio production. Has helped out on "The Weak in Revue" as well as on his own "Brothers of the Yolkless Eggwhite." He did his time with us until he moved away from Athens. He appeared once on the show playing with Poppycock.


Brian has been involved in similar ventures in the past, and produced the music/skate show; "Basement Tracks." He was a work/study employee at Access 23. He was the talented director of the show from Jan-Mar 2004.

Terry-Camera Operator

Terry is very involved up at access; from producing shows to being on the board. He helps set up for the show and runs a camera during it.

If you are interested in helping out (running a camera, lighting, etc) there are spaces open. Email for more info.